Why should I testify?

We all have a testimony people need to hear.


2 Timothy 1:8 – “Therefore do not be ashamed of the testimony about our Lord, nor of me his prisoner, but share in suffering for the gospel by the power of God, “

“Is there anyone with a testimony?” the pastor asks. You see everyone looking around and you can’t help thinking they’re waiting for you to get up. Thoughts rush through your mind.
My testimony isn’t really that big. What will they think of me? What will I say? 

Does that sound familiar? I know I’ve been there. It is difficult to just get up and speak, telling strangers what the Lord has done for you. The enemy puts these thoughts into your mind, making you doubt your testimony and fear what people may say or think. That is when you pray to the Lord, asking for strength and courage so you may glorify Him in your testimony. No testimony is too small or insignificant. We all have something we can be grateful for. Everyone has a testimony. What God has done for you, should be a reminder of His grace and goodness! Your testimony should be in your heart, in your mind and on your lips. Telling people what Jesus has done for you, may just be the hope they need to keep believing or even start. Testimonies are very powerful. Hearing what God has done for others, is encouraging. It reminds us of the God we serve, the powerful God who is the Alpha and Omega, the God who can do all things.

Recently in one of the services at church there were some people of the church who came to testify. There was a man who spoke about how he didn’t have work for so long but he prayed and asked the Lord to give him a job. He handed out his CV at so many places and advertised himself on the internet and he really went and tried to get a job, but a year passed and still nothing had come his way. Many people said they could not hire him because he was too old or over-qualified. Despite all that, he kept on believing that the Lord will provide for him. He received a phone call from someone telling him to come for an interview in the city, but he did not have enough money to get there so the man said that he should call them the following day. He told the man that unfortunately he couldn’t call them because he did not have airtime to do so, and the man said that he would send him enough airtime so he could call them. Long story short, he got the job, and the salary was more than a double of that which he expected. The Lord provided for him.

A boy also delivered a testimony. I could see how shy he was. He kept looking down and the pastor handed him the mic. It was like there was a battle taking place in his heart just so he could say the words he wanted to. The boy said that he was placed in an orphanage and he was bullied by the other children. I don’t exactly know the circumstances but his mother prayed for his return and he was now back at home. He simply said he was back home, and I could see how grateful he was for that. Simply to be back with his parents and out of the crosshairs of bullies. Praise the Lord for working through that little boy! Such a simple testimony had an enormous impact on me. I saw how grateful this little boy was despite what he went through. I just wanted to go give him a hug and thank him for the courage he had to speak up.

These are only two of the many testimonies I have heard in my life. It is so important to see that your testimony is not for yourself. We testify to glorify God and to thank Him for what He has done for us. Your testimony is an encouragement for others, it reminds people to cling to hope. To cling to Jesus.

1 John 5:9-12 “If we receive the testimony of men, the testimony of God is greater, for this is the testimony of God that he has borne concerning his Son. Whoever believes in the Son of God has the testimony in himself. Whoever does not believe God has made him a liar, because he has not believed in the testimony that God has borne concerning his Son. And this is the testimony, that God gave us eternal life, and this life is in his Son. Whoever has the Son has life: whoever does not have the Son of God does not have life.” 
Wow! Isn’t that powerful? The testimony is in those who believe in the Son of God, and in the Son of God there is eternal life!

Don’t forget your testimony, here is a part of mine:
To understand why I believe in Jesus, you need to understand what He has done for me: My whole life and existence is a testimony. Jesus did the unthinkable for me. He spilled His blood and gave His life so I may have a future… He took my sins like crimson and made me white as snow. He goes to prepare a place for me so that I may be with Him. He left a precious gift for me, that guides me through the struggle. This Holy Ghost lives inside of me and teaches me to deal with trouble. My Jesus calls me by my name! God had mercy on me and gave me a purpose. I am thankful for He has given me food to eat and a bed to rest my head. He has opened doors that no man can shut. He has given me His love, which is more than I could ever ask for. The best is yet to come: Jesus is coming back!
Do you know this Jesus?

This is only a part of what Jesus has done for me. I praise God for His mercy! I would love to hear your testimony. Feel free to comment below and share.